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Lowest Rates In The Industry

We have the lowest rates in the industry for service and credit card processing fees totaling 5.9%. Gofundme and other crowdfunding companies charge 7.9% (5% service + 2.9% for 3rd party payment processing).

Raise Even More

With MyEvent, donors have the option to pay the credit card processing and transaction fees, so 100% of the donation goes to your cause.

No Social Security Number

Gofundme requires your social security number before you can withdraw your funds. At MyEvent we'll never ask for your social security number or other private information.

Deal With One Company

Gofundme, Crowdrise and other crowdfunding companies are powered by WePay, a 3rd party payment system that forces you to create a separate account, confirm emails, and give personal information in order to get access to your funds. MyEvent is powered by MyEvent. We are a payment facilitator so you'll only deal with us.

Phone Support

Gofundme only provides email support, but sometimes email support is just not good enough. That's why we have a friendly group of individuals in our customer delight team, who are more than happy to help with any request you may have.

Pay Out 3rd Parties

Our system makes it really easy to pay out third parties. Just go to the payout setting and enter the information of the payee. You can choose from direct deposits, mailed checks or wire transfers.

Tax Receipts For Non-Profit

We have much lower rates for non-profit and we can issue tax receipts. Please give us a call for more information.

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