It’s incredibly fast and easy to raise money with MyEvent! There are no deadlines or limits. It only takes a minute to start your online fundraising campaign and share it with friends and family around the world. You can receive donations online right away. Have questions? If you ever need any help our friendly experts are available by phone, email and live chat. Contact us ! 
You can use MyEvent to raise money for almost anything. Raise money for yourself, a friend, a family member, or anyone else. People frequently use MyEvent to raise money for medical expenses, education, funerals, mission trips, memorials, pets, sports teams, nonprofit organizations, and many other things !
MyEvent has been online since 2002 and we have the very best in secure payment technology. MyEvent is PCI certified as a registered payment facilitator. Money received through your online fundraising page is held safely in your account until you are ready to get paid out.
You can easily request to be paid out in 2 ways: 1) At any time – click the “Pay Me Now” button. 2) Set a threshold: Choose to get paid out automatically when you’ve reached a certain amount in your account. For example, get paid out when your account reaches $1000. Select how you want to be paid out: Direct deposit (3-5 business days costs $2.50 per payout), Check (1-2 weeks costs $3.50 per payout), Wire transfer (24 hours costs $30 per payout). *All funds received are held for 14 days before they are available to you for payout.
Absolutely! You can even have us pay out your friend directly by entering their payment information into your payout settings.
It is free to create your web page on MyEvent and there are never any out of pocket costs to you. MyEvent charges service fees of 2.9% and credit card fees of 3% . + .75 for the transaction fee. MyEvent does have the option to allow you to pass on all of these fees to the donor. 65% of donors choose to pay the fees so that you get the whole donation amount!
No. There are no limits to how much you can raise.
You keep whatever you raise. Your goal is just there to give your donors an idea of what you hope to raise for your cause.
You will receive an email notification and you can also see donations in the reports in your dashboard in real time. Reports can also be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet..
Donors are usually made up of the people you know such as family members, friends, and business colleagues. In some cases you will receive donations from friends of those people who hear about your story. Sometimes you can even get some media attention and then you may receive donations from complete strangers but this is pretty rare. The majority of donations come from people you know.
You don't have to use Facebook but it is highly recommended to do so.
While your MyEvent campaign can receive donations from anywhere in the world, as the campaign organizer you must reside in USA or Canada. If you reside outside Canada or the USA and want to use MyEvent contact customer support for more information.
Yes you can receive donations from anywhere in the world by Visa or Mastercard.
Absolutely. Your web page is completely responsive and can accept donations from any device.
Yes. You can enter and track your offline donations together easily with donations you receive online through your MyEvent website. In your dashboard, go to Reports > Add an offline donation.
Donors can remain hidden from public view by selecting that option when making the donation, but you will know who donated.
Create a compelling story! Use words, pictures and even video to get your message across. Sharing is the key to success. Share your page with friends, family, and colleagues through personal email, and Facebook. You may need to ask people for donations multiple times. People are busy and often need to be reminded to donate.
You can share your web page address with anyone via email, Facebook, twitter and other social media.
Local media are always looking for interesting stories to cover in the community. If you have a good story to tell they may want to cover it. If your story gets mentioned in the media you may get donations from people you don't even know!
All of the donors information is available to you in your dashboard and can be downloaded in a spreadsheet.
You do not need to be a non-profit to use MyEvent. Anyone can raise money for almost anything on MyEvent. If you are a non-profit contact us to learn about having MyEvent issue tax receipts on your behalf and other services we offer for your NPO.
1. MyEvent is a payment facilitator and software service provider so you only have to deal with one company for your crowdfunding account. GoFundMe uses a 3rd party to process payments so you have two accounts to handle and two companies to deal with.

2. MyEvent has a lower combined rate (for service and credit card processing) of 5.9% compared to GoFundMe and other crowdfunding companies (7.9%).

3. MyEvent.com has many advantages over the competition if you are a non-profit. We have a much lower rate and we can issue tax receipts. Please call us for more information.

4. MyEvent provides toll free phone support in addition to email and live chat and has been online for 15 years!

5. MyEvent allows you to pay out 3rd parties.
When a donor agrees to pay the fees they are increasing their original donation amount to also include the fees which still need to be processed by MyEvent.com, (so that the fundraiser can receive the original donation amount).

For example:

Original Donation Amount = $100

Fees are $100 * 5.9% = $5.90 processing fees

Transaction fee = .75

Total Fees = $6.65

We have to apply our processing fees to the increased amount that goes through our payment gateway.

Increased amount of donation = $6.65 * .059 = .392

Total Fees: $6.65 + .392 = $7.04

Total Amount = $107.04

You receive the original donation amount of $100 and the donor has paid all of the fees.