July 2022

June 2021


1997 Rams, 


I hope you all are having a good start to summer. I am moving to Eugene, OR, in a few weeks, but one hundred miles won't keep me from this work. It's taken on a life of its own and I will see it through until the vast majority of you and your spouses/friends/teachers walk in the venue door. 

On that note, venue location is going to be locked in by the one year mark. Stayed tuned and keep following on Facebook, here, or amongst all of yourselves!


Dave Penwell



May 2021

1997 Rams,


I am spearheading the effort to have a major reunion for the class of 1997, and you are invited. 


This is a work in progress, but I will go live 5/4, and make adjustments as we go. Thanks to Tommy and Melissa for their efforts in the past to unite us. 



Kempster and I would be fine with having some drinks at Katie O's, but it would sure be a lot more fun with about 198 of you and your partners (children are being considered for a picnic on a Sunday). I'm going with July 23-24, 2022. The date is subject to change and the venue details will work themselves out depending on how many of you act on the interest that Facebook has seemed to garner! I have already contacted venues. All things run through what the pandemic dictates, but I'm confident we will get the green light. 


Updates will be frequent. See you all soon, 1997. 


If you're remotely interested in this event, please do the following for me:


-Save this page

-Add your profile on the Classmates page and upload some photos
-Share this website with as many of our classmates as possible and ask everyone to register.

Dave Penwell

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