Hi'I'm Janna I'm an artist I live in Texas. My dream is to be a published book writer. I have many stories to share this is just one of those many. My goal is to fulfill my dream of being a published writer. Your donations are to help me fulfill that goal.  I am mentally disabled but I did not let my disabilities stop me. Ever since my mom who too was a writer died I've been determined to be a writer I have many stories to share and I love telling stories and want to share them with the world. 

My book is about


The new girl Abby is very very shy she meets the confident youg boy named Max. The two meet up in the hallway.  They become friends then science partners. They learn about each other and learn to love themselves and each other with many obstacles ahead. More stories to come


Some of my art will be in the book. 


Your donateons are to help me get my book published. Selling books will help me to fulfill my Mom's last wish which is to have her ashes spread in Scotland. 

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