Silver Knights' Senior Night


Why should you come to our 50th reunion?  Why not?  


High school was a long time ago and we’re at a point in our lives where it will just be fun to reconnect and reminisce.  For the class of 72, we can talk about our 10th grade float and our variety show senior year - calling all senior chicks.  We can find out what paths our classmates have taken - who stayed in Michigan, who decided in high school what they wanted to do when they grew up and actually did that, who likes to cook or hike, who became an artist or musician, who went on Man in Nature and still loves to camp, who went to Spain and never left the country again.  Aren’t you even a little curious?  


It doesn’t matter if you were cool in high school or a nerd, a jock or a theater kid, and it doesn’t matter now if you’ve gained weight since high school (I certainly have), have wrinkles, or lost hair.  And it doesn’t matter if you are LGBTQ+ or not, a carnivore or a vegan, tech savvy, drive a Tesla or an F150, are a professional bowler, a Republican or a Democrat or an independent.  


Just come and reintroduce yourself: whoever you are now, I look forward to our paths crossing in October.


Laurie Davis

Hey Lahser Classmate:


I'm excited to be going to the Lahser 50th Reunion in October 2022.  Lots of my friends from high school that I haven't seen in years are coming.  But so far I see you have yet to sign up.  Please do. 


This is going to be one great evening and I think it will make for an unforgettable evening -- a possible last chance to get back together with old friends and remember the good times we all had. 


So please come.  You will be missed if you don't make it.  


Richard Rossier






This message is meant for all you Lahser High School graduates from the classes of 1972 and 1973 who haven’t bought a ticket yet or are somewhat ignoring our pleas to do so. 

Some of you might be very much like me.  I was in very tenuous contact with a grand total of one person after graduation, and that contact disappeared after a few years.   Since 1972 I have thought about a few people but have never taken a single step to reach out to them.   I certainly had friends in high school, but I guess being separated a few months after high school by going to college, then getting a job, then getting married, then having kids got in the way.   Also, like you, I developed other friendships over the years that are very important to me.   

But over the past few years, I became interested in seeing if we could pull off a 50th reunion.   I think the first driving force for me was finding out, several years ago, that our beloved (to some, but maybe not all) Lahser High School was on the chopping block, destined to be closed, with many of the buildings now torn down.   That’s kind of sad — realizing we’ll never be able to go by our high school again.   I think my second motivation was realizing that I was, indeed, curious to find out what had happened to my friends after all these years. 

I can tell you that being part of the organizing committee has been an absolute blast!  When I kind of, sort of organized the first Zoom meeting for the committee about a year ago, I looked at the names of everybody attending and certainly recognized all of them.  But the people!!   We’re all old!!   But it has been fun to get to know all these people (again) and work towards making the reunion fun for all.  If you are the slightest bit curious about those people you knew, then do yourself a favor, buy a ticket, and be prepared for some serious - and fun - reminiscing on October 22nd.

Bob Crum


Dear Lahser Class of 1972 and 1973,


I know it’s been a long time.  You may be thinking that in the grand scheme of things, those three short years of high school didn’t really mean very much.  You can barely remember anyone you once knew.  You certainly may not remember anything you learned back then.  It wasn’t a transformative time in your life; so much has happened since then.  You’re a completely different person now, with interests, opinions, and problems that probably differ from everyone else’s.  You have no burning desire to revisit those bygone days and its characters.


Well, guess what?  Everyone is feeling just like you.  We’re all wondering:  Who would I remember?  Will it be awkward?  Will it be boring?  And most importantly:  Why should I care?


Here is the answer to that last question:  we all need you to come.  We desperately want you to come.  Your presence will be very important to at least one person and most likely, dozens of people.  Each person’s attendance is critical to the fun and joy and excitement for everyone else.  It’s not just the fact of “the more the merrier”, but your presence will make someone else happy that they came.  I believe that each of us has a responsibility to everyone else to show up for each other.


Look, we’re in our mid-60’s now.  Who cares what we do/did for a living, what we look like, what road our lives have taken?  We’re at a stage in our lives when we’re comfortable in our own skin, when we have found the answers to most of the questions we had in high school.  Right?  So, I say, step out of your comfort zone and show up for all of us. 


And at the reunion, if you feel awkward or bored, (which you absolutely won’t because we’re planning a fantastic event), who cares?  You can take it.  You’re you and you’re special to all of us because you’re one of us.  We need you to make this thing good.  Please come.



Beth Barnes


You can’t go home again.  These are the words of Thomas Wolfe.  But, I disagree.  
You can go home again, to the 3 days of our 50-ish reunion weekend, October 21, 22, and 23, 2022.  
I don’t know how others feel, but for my own high school experience, I didn’t really participate in all the activities, events, and such, and it's been a constant source of regret in the years since.  I’m hoping to see friends I made then, reconnect with others that I have kept track of on facebook, instagram etc.
My own life has been quite the roller coaster since then, and I get the idea that my own story is not unique.  This is your chance to see that girl or guy you had a crush on.  Find out the answers to whatever happened to...  Pay our respects to those who were not so fortunate to have lived through these crazy times.  You can go “up north” any weekend, but this may be the last chance for many of us to reminisce and have a great time together.
Hope to see you there.  Go Knights!
Randy Miner, Class of 1972