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9 Week Warrior - Big Bear CA Kodiak 100 Race
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On August 25th 2017 Ben Brown will challenge himself once again to do something he has never done in his life, run 100 miles in Big Bear California at 7000 feet elevation to motivate , inspire and support Disabled Veterans just like him. 

Crewed by just his wife , he will have fuel stations about every 15 to 20 miles. There is 17,000 feet of Vertical climbing and sustained running for 100 miles at 7,000 feet elevation. Luckly at mile 31 Ben can have a pacer for a 10 mile stretch. Most people cant imaging pushing themselves thru 31 miles , but at that point he will have 69 miles still to go , so its just the begining.  Mile 42 pacer #2 gets to run right along side him. Next mile 69 , and 87 to push all the way to the finish. Most of the run is trails, rocks, climbing. Most of us enjoy Big Bear for the beautiful lake, trees and mountains , some of us enjoy hiking the trails , Ben intends on dominating these trails in the HONOR of all those who have served or are serving our county. 

Ben has set a goal , that he hopes to exceed , of raising $22,000.  22 is the number of Veterans who committ suicide everyday. 

Ben will be donating this money to 9 week warrior, which gives Veterans and active duty men and women 9 weeks of Personal training, Homeopathic Treatment, Massage , Actupunture and Yoga at no cost to them. The mission is to help these men and women regain their "why", find purpose and recieve care and services that they can not and do not recieve elsewhere at no cost. The program is challenging and Ben wants these to Veterans to see they can do anyting they committ to. 

Please help us continue our mission by donating what you can , anything and everything helps. 

100% of your donations are tax deductible 

9 weeek warrior corporation is 501(c)(3) nonprofit #82-1645714

2 months ago

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