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We will update this page once a caterer is selected and the price is determined for a family catered supper on Saturday, June 25, 2022, 6:00 PM MDT.

Who's coming

Confirmed Attendees

Pat, Mary, & Kaitie Melby (Victor Hoffmann)

Heidi & Delaney Grondahl (Victor Hoffmann)

Sid & Vicki Hauge (Victor Hoffmann)

Becky Hooker (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Layne, Emily, Sylvia, & Layla Conitz (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Beverly Froemke (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Branden, Stephanie, Caleb, & Brianna Nielsen (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Justin, Chelsea, Miles, Roscoe, & Riggins Reinke (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Steven, Sierra, & Sawyer Froemke (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Wayne & Renae Even (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Matthew & Stacie Kelleher (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Bryan & Judy Schmidt (Viola Hoffmann Grange)

Gary & Cindi Hoffmann (Victor Hoffmann)

Bill & Kerry Ryan (Lucille Hoffmann Broderson)

Wayne & Kathy Muscha (Lucille Hoffmann Broderson)

Nick, Tara, & Aubrey Even (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Wyatt Hooker (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Blaine & Marianne Hoffmann (Donald Hoffmann)

Barry & Cindy Six (Luella Hoffmann Six)

The Maybe's

Al Christianson & family (Viola Hoffmann Grange)

Duffy Froemke (Eveline Hoffmann Quinnell)

Tyler & Sarah Hoffmann (Donald Hoffmann)