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Growing 4 Autism

Growing 4 Autism

Raised by 53 donors.

So as many of you know my son Dalton was put on the Spectrum this year. Although we’re new to this and some times feel hopeless, we’ve also learned so many awesome things from this “gift”! Our goal is to raise awareness, provide the best care for Dalton and help continue the great things OAR (Organization for autism research)supports and supplies. This year I wanted to do something different for “Movember”, now before we start I don’t want to take away anything from men’s heath because it’s also very important to me and YES I know April is autism awareness month, but I thought what better way to raise money for a great  Organization by growing nasty/awful/smelly/favorsavers/fantastic/beautiful hairy lips for the month!!  Whether you grow, donate or spread the link above you all are helping a great cause. Thank you guys for your support, I know the autism community will appreciate it and Dalton will as well! Thanks again and we love you all!!! 

One last thing, 100% of the donations made will be given to OAR ( Organization for autism research)!

Happy Growing!!!