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Sue Bednarz
Sue Bednarz

As the sun comes out we're dreaming up our summer plans - and how we can make this happen! For Fisher we'd love to send him to Easter Seals camp, and also finally be able to get him back out on a bike for family rides!

Fisher was born with microcephaly “small head”, lissencephaly  “smooth brain” and a seizure disorder,  rendering him profoundly developmentally delayed, functioning at the general level of a three year old. Life for him requires much support and many extra accommodations. This (now getting big!) boy is a highly active and social individual that gets much joy out of his activities including skiing, biking, swimming, camping, climbing, canoeing, boating, jumping, hiking. He loves being included in his peer groups and engaging with his family and the wonderful people in his community - you’ll often see him getting peoples attention to share stories or join in play.

We're asking for a bit extra support this spring and summer in helping us continue to give Fisher the best life possible!

The Bike:
As a family we love to enjoy the trails, the railgrade and bike through town and to school. In the past we've been able to pull Fisher around in the chariot so he can join in the outtings. As he's grown we've replaced the chariot with a modified trail-a-bike (thank you MoFab and Revolution for making this a reality!). We're still needing some extra tweaks on this before we can hit the (mellow) trails, and an electric upgrade to make it possible to pull this teenager uphills (which means to town, school, the dewdney trail, oasis, etc! ). With the bike he and the family get the benefits of quality time, outdoors and Fisher has an opportunity to practice his balance, challenging his brain to strengthen these pathways which supports the continued development of his basic life skills.

Summer Camp:
Last year we were able to send Fisher to Easter Seals Camp Winfield with a group of his peers and he LOVED it (thank you Beavervalley & Trail Lions Club, Rossland Rotary and Rossland Museum for your contributions!). Since Fisher requires constant one on one support, we need to send him with a familiar Personal Support Worker (PSW) who will be with him 12-14 hours a day all week assisting with his daily care, social interactions, language skills, motor coordination and development alongside general support for him to engage and enjoy most fully in the fun activities and sports they offer!

We so appreciate your time in reading our story and connecting with our goals and so many thank you for any contributions you choose to make, big or small, it all adds up and makes the difference! Contact Sue or Andrew if you would prefer to give in person !

Much Love Gratitude and Blessings!

Sue, Andrew, Fisher and Taeo Bednarz