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Fellow Dog Lovers Unite to Help Man's Best Friend!

2,000+ dogs were brought to this shelter to be left to die and more dogs/puppies are being dropped off outside daily wanting to be let in. Starving dogs that are mere skeletons, mother dogs with litters, and many more desperately want to be brought in. There is not enough food to feed the dogs inside the shelter let alone the ones left outside. Our goal is to bring the ones outside in, but we need more funds for food. This is the largest shelter in the Middle East. Until recently these dogs were cannibalizing themselves, but compassionate volunteers and experienced animal activists stepped in after becoming aware of their plight. The team of volunteers helps to ensure they are fed 2-3 times a week (due to cost this is all they can currently afford and barely at that). It costs on average $150.00 USD for each day of feeding. The dogs typically would get some potatoes, flat bread, and chicken carcass or chicken feet. However funds are desperate and inflation is a constant battle so sadly they have gotten only flat bread for their most recent feedings. The dogs here are safe from the threat of being poisoned, shot, beaten or crushed to death in garbage collection trucks. This is the Middle East and this is what they do with dogs in their culture due to incorrect perceptions of them being unclean. These volunteers are changing that perception in the community through their compassion and concern for the welfare of these dogs. By donating you are not only feeding these dogs, you are helping to educate a culture about how wonderful dogs truly are. You are showing their culture that dogs are worthy of life and deserve compassion. Every cent you donate goes entirely to the dogs, we are all only volunteers spending all our own spare time trying to come up with the means to care for these dogs. Often the dogs only get fed thanks to the donations from the volunteers themselves due to a total lack of funds otherwise.


My humanitarian friends are among those helping at this shelter and it is an enormous task with a desperate need for funds to purchase the modest food provisions. We volunteers are from the USA, Austria, London and the Middle East to name a few, but our goal is the same, to help these dogs. There is a sterilization program in place for all the dogs to prevent them from multiplying, however it is a slow process due to insufficient funding. Some sterilizations have already occurred. The local veterinarians will not work for free unfortunately. The dogs are currently separated by both gender, and mothers with puppies to prevent any further pregnancies. Your donations will provide for food and also assist in paying for the immense task of sterilization to help ensure there are no new litters. Money for all of this comes entirely from donations and it is utterly lacking. Please help me feed these desperately hungry dogs and become a supporter of a shelter than can truly become a benchmark of better days for canines in the Middle Eastern culture. I have posted more images under the updates tab, some mother and puppies photos (see videos on these as well). The dogs at the shelter are amazingly gentle despite knowing only life on the streets or a life running wild with threats all around them. The dogs and puppies gratitude for being cared for is hugely evident in their good natured temperaments. 


We currently scramble constantly for funds, often donating money out of our own pockets and search daily for the least costly food source from local vendors so the dogs can eat at least a few days a week.


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Click on VIDEO above to see the many dogs within the shelter. Additional videos can be seen here: I have posted videos of the mother dogs with their pups, feeding time and more. 


Click on UPDATES above to see images and information shared about the dogs both within and those outside the shelter wanting to be let in. Please help and share this fundraiser with your canine loving friends/family as the task for feeding these dogs grows more desperate by the day. Thank you profusely to all who are willing to help provide sustenance for these desperately hungry dogs. I will be sending each and every one of you an email of gratitude.  


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