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We're back for year 2! Let me start off by saying thank you for the love and support from last years campaign, we were able to raise over 6 thousand dollars. We took all the donations and sent them to a local organization. We were able to help so many amazing people with all your generous donations. This year were stepping it up at bit. We've expended through our Coast Guard network and were pleased to announce some great men and women that will help us along the way! Tracen Yorktown, CG Sta Chatham, CGC Manatee and various members of the Coast Guard. We're looking for your help again to make some dreams come true! As many of you know we've recently relocated back to our hometown of Coral Springs. This year the money we raise will be donated to 2 different charities. The first one is Broward Autism Foundation, they're a nonprofit that help so many young people achieve their goals in life. They help organize swim class, new parent support groups, help with any medical cost and support kids and young adults thrive. The second organization were donating to is a group called "Spread the Word to End the Word". Their goal is to eliminate the word "retard" from society. These 2 beautiful organizations need our help to create safe and thriving futures to so many speical needs people. Please join me in growing or spreading the word. The Wood family is so grateful to have such awesome people in our lives. Like always 100% of all money raised will be sent off to help. Again thank you for taking the time to be apart of something speical. 


Love always,

The Wood Family

(Matt,Jodi,Hadley & Dalton)


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