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Helping Children in Need to Help Themselves
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Amahoro Village is the home for Burundian orphans who have no means to support themselves.  In this country many children have been orphaned through the plights of war.  We support these children with the mission to "Help Children to Help Themselves".  

Our goal is to provide education to ensure our children have the ability to make choices to advance and better their lives.  We provide them with a loving home, security, nurishment and education.  Also at our village we have projects being set up to help them to understand the value of self sustainability.  We have a large garden, livestock and now bees.  Our goals are to support the village through these projects through nutritional foods supplies but also with developing business to teach the children the value of business and self initiatives.

Our needs for the village are great.  We need a proper and clean supply of water, we presently have a generator that we support for 3 hours of electricity per day.  We wish to convert the village to solar power.  

Our biggest need right now are laptop computers.  Some of our children are starting University and the need is crucial. 

We ask for your support to continue to support our children of Amahoro and to enable us to help more in need.