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Created on May 15, 2017
Tim Hamilton

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If you've been blessed to know Jennifer Bennett Hamilton, you know you've truly been blessed. She was beautiful, inside and out. Jen had an angelic face, a sweet, gentle manner, and a soft voice. But it was her electric smile that when she smiled upon you, made you believe you were special.

Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of 2011 when her second child Ruby was not yet a year old. She underwent the traumatic surgery of a double mastectomy, recovered, and soon resumed her brilliant role as full-time wife to the love of her life Timothy Hamilton and dedicated stay-at-home Mom of Timmy and Ruby.

An active participant in the vibrant life of their close-knit neighborhood in Swampscott, MA, Jen made many close friends and enjoyed community events such as block parties, Halloween and Fourth of July Celebrations. She had a beautiful life and was happy and fulfilled, and exuded that joy to everyone she met.

Then, on Valentine's Day, 2015, she went to the hospital with stomach pain and was given the ominous diagnosis that her cancer had come back as Stage 4. Devastating as this was, she decided then and there to live her life for each and every day and to create the most indelible memories for her family.  At that time, her young children were only aged 4 and 6 so Jen was determined to make every memory she could so that they would remember their Mom.

While the unforgiving cancer ravaged her body, Jen's spirit remained ever strong. Most importantly, she made sure her kids knew they were loved. She also exposed them to all the classic rock and roll tunes that she loved, and she and her husband Tim brought them to concerts like the Beatles cover band and KISS.

Jen endured countless treatment protocols, endless medications and yet picked herself up out of bed to travel with her family to Disney World and the Florida beaches that she loved, all to create quality family moments together with the short time they had left.

Jen loved her family with her whole heart, which was HUGE. Her paramount concern about having terminal cancer was that she wouldn't be able to be here for her kids. Our sweet Jen passed away during the early morning hours of May 12, 2017 in the prime of her life at the age of 44.

If you would like to help us honor Jen's memory, in lieu of flowers please consider giving to Timmy and Ruby's College Fund. It was her dying wish that her kids be loved and cared for and that their future be secured.

To see Jennifer's full beautiful obituary:

If you don't want to contribute towards Jennifer's childrens' futures via this website and prefer to give by check...

Feel free to make checks payable to:

NextGen College Investing Plan FBO Timothy Hamilton

NextGen College Investing Plan FBO Ruby Hamilton

You could have the checks made payable to either above and have them sent directly to:

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Attn: Robert White

100 Federal Street

17th Floor

Boston, MA 02110



Thank you with all our hearts.


Tim, Timmy and Ruby Hamilton