Friends , Becaus of Covid19 and the Political problem and The continue war in our area 
The inflation of the SP  (the dollar is now 4 times more than a few weeks ago) has not doubled but tripled prices .. 
such a serious crisis worries us as much as the war because hunger makes people capable of anything.  
in our area we keep a very low profile when we buy food for our animals and always try to change shops always .  
please remember that even a few dollars make a difference to us, because we have no financial income , but just your generosity and your big heart.

some examples about the prices now :
1 meat kg from 900 ponds now is 2100 Sp
1 gasoline liter from 600Sp now is 1900Sp
1 water container from 4000SP now 11000Sp
1 pack of milk from 200SP to 500SP

Gloves and disinfected product can not be found and when we found something the prices are very very high .

If you can please help.