All the reunion attendees
All the reunion attendees
James Beatty Family Site

This website is intended to maintain the history of the Beatty Family. We want to continue to maintain this site if members are interested to  share photos and information with each other. There are several sections to explore. Please CLICK on the MENU tab in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of this page. You will see several sections to explore:

Photos: Sections include our professional family photos taken at the reunion (individuals identified), casual photos, photos from the 100 Year reunion, etc. You can upload your photos to the appropriate section. Adding photos will give us all a reason to continue to visit this site!

My Profile: Please create or update your personal information - name, relationship to our family, interestng personal details and photos

Family Profiles: View profiles of family members!

Where are They Now: Anyone who shares their profile will be noted on this map. It's fun to see at a glance where we all ended up!

Memorials: Share information & photos of your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and family members who have passed.

Links: Important information about our family is also stored on our google drive. Click links on this page to automatically access that information.

Donations: In the future we will solicit donations to keep this site active.

Contact: Who to contact if you have questions. Our gmail address is:

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