Liam-Lachlan Legal Fund

Liam-Lachlan Legal Fund

Raised by 66 donors.

We are raising money to help Liam Flynn with his Paternity Dispute for his son Lachlan Aengus who is living in Scotland. Liam's wife Jessica died in January 2018, and he has not seen his son since December last year. Liam has hired a Scottish Family Law Solicitor for the Civil Dispute. He has additionally enlisted a U.S. lawyer to push for criminal charges if the DNA continues to be blocked by the Defense. The ongoing Court process will see further incurred costs, particularly if there is a requirement for Liam to attend Court. With your donations, we will guarantee transparency of how they are spent. Also consider donating your unused frequent-flyer miles to help with travel. If you have any questions about any of this or frequent-flyer miles to donate, contact Liam at Thank you and SlĂ inte mhath.

-Liam and Jim Flynn

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