Love Hard is a program under 501c3, UnbridledACTS, a nonprofit dedicated to loving people to life.


After the unexpected passing of Cash Kamins, at just two years old, the Kamins family and their support system found a way to keep the love of Cash alive. By creating the Love Hard logo and making shirts and hats for the community to wear, they celebrated Cash's life together. As the message of Love Hard caught on, others began to purchase the shirts and hats while partaking in fun activities that desplayed what "loving hard" meant to them. 


Partnering with UnbridledACTS, the Kamins family sought out various ways the proceeds of the merchandise purchased could giveback to children and families. The proceeds initially supported various organizations that make childhood more enjoyable. Like in 2018 when Love Hard helped supply ukuleles, an instrument Cash loved, to 18 elementary school classrooms in California. In more recent years, Love Hard has walked alongside other families experiencing the loss of a child or parent, providing small, financial grants to get them through the initial grieving period. 


Now, Love Hard's primary goal is to provide long-term support to families experiencing child and/or parent bereavement through family retreats and mental health support. The Kamins family have gone on a family retreat every year since the passing of Cash and have found that this kind of intentional time with family is the only way they are able to journey through grief and proceed in the healing process. 


We put on a 5k every year in June to celebrate Cash's birthday and raise funds for other families in similar need of support through their own healing journey.