THE HOUSE OF ALLAH WILL BE BUILT UP AGAIN!! We've named it "Masjid Al-Nasr (Victory)." Nobody will destroy the will of the people in Gaza, Palestine and the ummah! IHCRO has been given the honor by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Gaza to BEGIN REBUILDING THIS MASJID THAT WAS RECENTLY BOMBED BY THE ZIONISTS!! The aggression has left begind a great ruin but the people of Gaza are now ready to reconstruct their city again. Everyone will be rebuilding again Alhamdulilah. ⁣

To be honest, this has been my dream for years. Before this crisis, we wanted to build a masjid inside Gaza but they did not need one then. But now, Allah has given the ummah this RARE HONOR & CHANCE. The chance to build a masjid in the land of Shaam...the land of Ribat! A big reward wallahi.⁣

The masjid will be a huge with TWO FLOORS with a space that can accomodate 1000+ worshippers. It will have a miranet 30-40 meters high like the old one. In addition, we will build a Quran center beside it that will make this project 1000 square meters Insha'Allah. We are working in coordination with the local government who will provide their full assistance, beginning with the Minister himself who truly appreciates IHCRO's ongoing, relentless humanitarian efforts Alhamdulilah. ⁣

We begin the reconstruction efforts with a project Allah loves most. Remember the masajid are places which build the iman and courage of the Muslimeen. It is the first project Rasoolulah(saw) built when he arrived to Madinah. IHCRO follows in His (saw) footsteps.⁣

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