July 22-24

TropRock in the Mountain Top 7/22-7/24

Huge Trop-Rock event with the best line up! Be amazed watching Jerry Diaz, Donnie Brewer, Steve Hopper, Jim Asbell, Ricky Lamb, Scott Nicerson, Jeff Brewer, Danny Rasado and Barefoot Reggie Starrett share a stage and rock like never before!! Get your tickets NOW

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About the organizer

Barefoot Reggie Starrett will host an event featuring many of your favorite Trop Rock stars! We are excited to be offering the 2nd annual Trop Rock in the Mountain Top which is quickly selling out!! Get your tickets now for a really awesome group of entertainers!

A second hotel has been booked 

Quality Inn & Suites Mt. Chalet

834 US-441, Clayton, GA 30525(706) 782-2214

Please mention "Trop Rock "and you may need to mention Laura Starrett's name

The line up is amazing!!              Barefoot Reggie Starrett, Jim Asbell, Ricky Lamb

                                                  Steve Hopper and Scott Nickerson, Danny Rosado, Jeff Brewer

                                                                     Donnie Brewer, Jerry Diaz

                                                                      This LINE UP is INCREDIBLE....