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The Nina Shea Foundation - Brain Tumor Research

The Nina Shea Foundation - Brain Tumor Research

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Rina Sondhi
Rina Sondhi

Our Story

The Nina Shea Foundation is set up in honour of my beautiful sister who passed away, at the age of 49, in July 2016 from a stage 4 Brain tumour.

Nina Shea was a fun loving, sharing person who gave to anyone and everyone she met. She looked after so many people and always smiled right up to her last breath. Nina always tried to help whoever she could and was a fighter to the very end. Whilst everyone around her was struggling she would keep saying "Step by Step", showing a determination and will to survive.

Nina suffered for over 16 months with stage 4 Brain cancer and gradually became paralysed and mute - the only word she could say was Nice and Step by Step! Her brain was still fully functional but she could not epxress what her brain was wanting to say due to the loss of ability to speak.

We want to set up this crowd fund to raise money for Brain Tumour research to help other people cope better with the condition like Nina suffered. We want to be able to further knowledge into this area, and be able to provide people who suffer from this very painful condition with a way of coping with it.

 Nina sadly leaves a 6 year old son and a 23 year old son behind, who unfortunately will never really know the true blessing of Nina's loving attitude to all aspects of her life. We want her legacy to live on forever! 

We miss her very much and do not want others to suffer as she did.

Objectives of the Nina Shea Foundation are: 

1. The objective is donate $50,000 per year for research into coping with brain tumours and sponsoring medical students who wish to specialise in this area.

2. Further the knowledge to provide coping strategies for anyone suffering with this condition

3. To inspire people suffering from brain tumours to fight to give themsleves a chance of surviving

We aim to stage events in the UK, US and Europe to support this cause which has affected us quite severely. The events comprise of sports events and dinners with special guests.

The first event we will be by entering a team in the world famous Tough Mudder taking place in the Midlands in the UK on 20th May 2017. The event comprises the completion of 12 gruelling miles, whilst tackling 20 obstacles. The team will be going through an 8 week training programme to ensure the team performs to the best of its capability, just as Nina always did.

We would be grateful for any donations and support, and will keep you informed of our sponsoring activities as they happen.

We must find a cure and put an end to Brain tumours!!! Now!

Any amount will help.

Thank you.