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Jonalyn Soriano Family Fund

Jonalyn Soriano Family Fund

Raised by 31 donors.
Level 2 Drama Second Floor SAMC
Level 2 Drama Second Floor SAMC

On the evening of friday October 20 one of our kindest and most dedicated oncology  nurses didn’t show for her shift at the hospital. We soon learned that she suffered a brain aneurysm and that she was fighting for her life. Out of respect for Jonalyn and her family we wish to leave out the details but will say that she has endured several surgeries and procedures. It has been a long and painful journey to recovery and unfortunately Jonalyn and her family still have quite a battle ahead. She is currently in a long term care hospital with so much still unknown. We ask mostly for your prayers and support. If you are able to give financially as well it would be greatly appreciated. We are her work family & love her tremendously. Her husband Goody has been truly amazing by her side & overseeing her care. She also has very sweet and loving children Nina and Nico. We want to care for her and her family the best that we can.