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IHCRO have started qurbani appeal for Eid Al Ahda. This Eid, you can donate your qurbani to needy people. Eid Al Ahda is an important oppportunity to gain goodness beside Allah (May he be glorified and exalted).

"For every hair of the Qurbani, you will receive a reward" (Tirmidhi)

Help us spread the joy of Eid Al Adha! Give the gift of Qurbani to the most needy people in Syria and Turkey. Thousands of families in the Syria and Turkey (Mostly syrian refugees) have absolutely no means to buy a food, clothing or medication on a regular day, let alone buying Qurbani meat for Eid al Adha.  

People who receive meat may include orphans, widows, the elderly people, people with disabilities, sick and poor people. We are trying to choose the beneficiaries mostly from refugees and disaster-affected people.

You can give one on behalf of your entire family, or also you can give more then that. Many donors decide to give one Qurbani on behalf of each family member — or sometimes in honor of relatives who have passed away, so they can receive the reward.

Important Notice:

1-Please pay the platform fee, while you are donating. Otherwise, launchgood platform cuts it from your donation. For example; One qurbani is 170 $ and plus you pay the transfer fee of the myEvent, which is like 11 $. In Total you pay 181 $ 

2-For ones who pay more than 1 share (for example 200 $), your excess share will be accumulated with other excess shares and we purchase new qurbanis with this excess shares.

3-IHCRO don't take any admin fee from qurban appeal

4-Despide the focus is Syrian refugees in Turkey and Syria, IHRCO can use this fund for any needy people around the world. There is no location restriction.

If any question you have, please ask info@ihcro.org 

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