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Support STAR Animal Sanctuary

Support STAR Animal Sanctuary

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STAR Team for Animal Rescue
STAR Team for Animal Rescue

STAR  has been rescuing injured animals for years. More than a thousand animals were rescued from injuries such as bullet wounds, burns, malnutrition, car accidents, abuse, neglect, etc. With the help of STAR many animals were rehabilitated. Some were adopted, however many are left with permanent disabilities. STAR is running a shelter in Damascus, with over 600 cats and dogs at the moment. Many are blind, lost an eye or a leg, paralyzed or with walking difficulties. With no support but from personal donations STAR faces a challenging situation trying to keep its shelter open. If STAR sancturay shuts down, not only will those animal return to the streets with no hope of survival, it will also put an end to an effort that has been standing against animal cruelty in society. STAR has been trying to set an example especially for kids who have been so abusive to animals.

Donate more, and you will provide more help.

STAR needs your help, animals of Syria need you help. You can make a difference.. No donation is too small.

Love and gratitude from STAR


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