Goal Achievers Program Fundraiser

Goal Achievers Program Fundraiser

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The Academy of Goal Achievers is a youth leadership mentoring program, born from the idea that, all youth and families deserve access to resources that can help and support the development of youth leaders through giving back to their communities and receiving guidance and direction on their individualized post-secondary goals. We're seeking support to continue and expand our services to help students develop into youth leaders who positively impact their local communities, while providing our youth effective tools, resources and support to be prepared for postsecondary educational and career pathways.

In the state of NC in 2016 99,100 juniors took the ACT and only 15.4 percent had college ready scores. In our local community 8,460 students took the ACT and 20.2 had college ready scores. We are still far from the benchmark of satisfactory. In fact, a recent Harvard University/University of California, Berkeley study revealed that of the nation’s largest cities Charlotte ranked 50th out of 50 in economic mobility. As a result of this study a non partisan group was commissioned, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Opportunity Taskforce and their report identified three determinants most likely to influence the trajectory of an individual as: Early Care and Education, College and Career Readiness, and Child and Family Stability.

It's clear the school system alone cannot be responsible to get our students ready, but it takes a community, including programs like The Academy of Goal Achievers, community partners, and cooperation’s to help our students prepare for their futures.

Mentoring has proven to be an effective strategy in lowering high school dropout rates, increasing academic/behavior performance in schools. And, students who are involved in mentoring and youth development programs tend to have a higher college acceptance rate and higher educational aspirations. Programming that involves leadership, mentorship and community involvement is key to building youth’s self-esteem and preparing students for their futures.

This additional Funding will allow the continuation of current Growth Opportunities, stated below.

1) College Tours

2) Free Tutoring

3) Free SAT/ACT Prep Courses

4) Supportive Services

5) Expand our Study Hall Resources by purchasing 3 laptop computers to assist students more effectively with their school work.

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