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Support TNR  (Trap- spay / Neuter and Release) campaign in Syria

Support TNR (Trap- spay / Neuter and Release) campaign in Syria

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Please help with my TNR (Trap- spay / Neuter and Release) campaign in Syria!

Most cats in Syria live a miserable life in the street, they survive on human's trash, and they suffer from cruelty and / or illness.

Because of the war more and more people are abandoning their cats in the street due to financial difficulty or because they have to leave the country. Many families love and care for their cats, but they are poor; they cannot afford to have them spayed or neutered as well as feed them. 

 Spaying and neutering is not popular in Syria nor accepted, leading to the overpopulation of cats with a very small number of people able or and willing to take care of them. 

The cats will be humanely trapped, sterilized and medically treated, and returned to the outdoor locations where they were found.

The goal is to spay and neuter 200 -250 cats for the first time, along with a rabies vaccination and then release them, of course the more fund I get the more cats would be sterilized and vaccinated. 

The funds raised will provide for the cost of surgery, vaccination, medical expenses, boarding, humane traps and transportation.

Thank you for loving and supporting the Syrian cats.

Reem Lajin 

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