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UTH Pediatrics Graduation 2017

UTH Pediatrics Graduation 2017

Raised by 39 donors.

Almost 3 years ago, the class of 2017 embarked on their Pediatrics journey by making their initial mark here in Houston at LBJ, MDA, and especially, at CMHH.  This upcoming June, our class of 2017 will be graduating and will have almost reached the end of their training.  Some will stick around, some will move on to private practice, and some will have the endurance enough to pursue further training. Remembering all of those countless nights and days on the Pedi Floors together as well as all of the memories that have been shared.. We ask for your help and support in order to make Graduation the most memorable night for them and their loved ones.. The day is a joyous occasion with all of the residents, families, friends, and faculty gathering the special night.  100% of funds will be used towards graduation costs and gifts to our amazing 3rd (and some 2nd and 4th) year residents!

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