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Adopt A Cop

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Jaime ackley
Jaime ackley



This chapter of Adopt A Cop was created because of a dream that one telecommunicator  shared with a co-worker and a deputies wife.  Through lots of hard work and dedication we have managed to successfully engage our citizens in Johnston County to show support and encouragement to our men and women that wear the badge. While the public should recognize the bravery, courage, honor and integrity shown by our nation’s law enforcement officers every day, this is one way that is being set aside to show how much we value their service and protection of our own local communities. All (100%) donations will be used for this program. The money will be used to help fund the gifting of all our officers. We have had people ask if they could just donate and we take care of the gifting for them. This is a easier way for some to be apart of a great program who just don't have the time to stop and shop.  Our future goals include assisting these local agencies with purchases of equipment and other items to perform their daily duties. Without additional funding the departments may not receive everything needed for the officers due to difficulties with their budget.