Donor Options and Our Overhead...

Hello Alamenses, Foreign Residents of Alamos, Former Visitors of Alamos and All Donors to the 'Alamos Food Drive'.

On June 2nd we reached our initial goal of $40,000 USD on our donation page with the help of Arizona based 501(c)3 SOS, Sustainable Outreach Solutions managing the fund.  This was in addition to more than $20,000 USD that was donated by bank wire transfer or by personal check.

We are 'Resetting The Clock' to zero for a second challenge of another $40,000 dollars to be raised for the 'Alamos Food Drive II'. Our total donations to date exceed $60,000 USD, however the need has not lessened in the past two months, in fact, it is even greater as those without employment must feed their families.

As a reminder, those wishing to make a donation larger than $1,000 USD are encouraged not to use the on-line donation page, but to click the link above to contact the organizer for wiring information so you may make a direct deposit to the SOS charity (tax deductible) and there are no fees.  You will receive a letter for your tax records.  100% of your donation goes to the Alamos Food Drive when you use either a direct bank wire or mail a check to the SOS charity in Phoenix.

Those of us involved in this effort (Jan & Dale Gray, Ann Symons, Joaquin Bours, Nelita Bours Community Center and Hacienda de los Santos) cannot thank each of you enough for your participation in helping those in this time of need in Alamos and throughout the county. With your donations, just yesterday we placed another order for more than five metric tons of rice. This puts our total of rice, pinto beans and tortilla flour purchases at nearly 150,000 pounds in the last six weeks. We have ZERO administrative costs (zero salaries or office overhead) with your donation other than a commission to this donation page ( which is appx 6%.  Our average fundraising costs thus far are less than 4% for the combined fundraising totals (MyEvent+Direct Bank Wire+Checks Mailed). The SOS Charity is passing through 100% of the funds that they receive with total transparency to the Nelita Bours Community Center, thus if you give a dollar it becomes one dollar's worth of food at the wholesale or distributor level if you are using wire or mail for your donation.  If you are using ' then appx 94 cents of every dollar is going direct to the 'Alamos Food Drive'.  Those of you interested in seeing how this compares nationally will be pleasantly surprised to note that our present average of appx 4% well below the 50% national average for this type of fundraiser (benefit & special events category,

We take pride in the fact that there is no one being paid for services, no office fees, no commissions to vendors of food products, or other expenses, except for the '".  The SOS charity in Phoenix makes this all possible, plus that fact that all donations through the SOS are tax deductible.  

Mil Gracias to you All.....


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