Amber Woodworth Memorial

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1) Coolest Cooler Ever: #449 Lauren Graham

2) Girls Just Want To Have Fun: #40 Anonymious

3) Fit & Fun: #227 Paul Hunt

4) Nine, Wine & DIne: #94 Alli Mier

5) Gift Card Galore: #171 Dave Johnson

6) PAC-ked Full Of Fun: #428 Cindy O'Connor

7) Bath, Body & Scentsy: #96 Alli Mier

8) Keep It Sassy: #341 Andrea McCauley

9) Lott-o Love: #91 Phyllis Wierschem

10) Gardening Goodies: #301 Kala Farrell

11) Graphic Design for Small Business: #573 Phil/Erin Terrazzino 

12) Booze Wagon: #1005 Diana McAleenan

13) Nintendo Switch/Minecraft: #1151 Jackie Traver

14) 50" Samsung TV: #1226 Amy LyonsBears 

15) Bears & Cigars: #1328 Matthew Johnson

16) Perfect Package #1351 Phil/Erin Terrazzino

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About the organizer

Amber was born on May 5, 1983. Growing up with her sisters, Yvonne and Kim, and brother, Allen. Amber and her husband, Ron Woodworth spent 18 years growing in love together. Residents of Oak Forest, they were blessed with four young sons, Nolan (7), Easton (5), and twins Jameson and Maddox (3). Jameson was diagnosed at birth with a rare chromosome disorder that has required countless medical visits as well as weekly occupational and physical therapy. Amber lovingly devoted her time to all of her boys! On Feb 14 2018, our amazing, caring, vibrant mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend, Amber Woodworth, was diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. After a courageous battle, Amber passed away on August 16, 2018 at the young age of 35 years old.

All proceeds go directly to The Woodworth Family to help with the boys education, mounting medical bills and to better equip the home to accommodate Jameson's medical needs.