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Funds raised will help to cover Amanda’s day to day living expenses and tremendous medical expenses as well as begin funding “Miracle Projects” that will creatively recreate and/or pay forward the many miracle blessings Amanda has received over the last few years. The more raised, the more miracle stories we will be able to share in!

Step 3- In the text box please tell us what your step pledge is that you want to accomplish BEFORE May 15th so we can track and add up ALL THE STEPS TAKEN BY the group in order to reach our collective step goal!

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It's a Miracle Movement

Help us move Amanda's mission of spreading Hope as far as we can carry it.

April 15, 2024- May 15 2024


Amanda Ferrin is a walking miracle. She is living life with a terminal illness and wakes up everyday thankful that she is still alive when her Doctor's have told her time and time again, she shouldn’t be. One complication from her “one in 10 million” case of scleroderma is that she has broken 25 bones in the last few years. She’s been told countless times she would never walk again… so quite literally every step IS a gift. Every mile is a miracle.


At the beginning of 2024, Amanda figured out how many steps it would take to walk across the country and made it her goal to do so in a year. A year doctors say she shouldn’t be alive to see. She’s been amazed by the people who have come alongside to help her share my message of hope. In coming together to get her miracle story out into the world, she has seen the power of what working together can accomplish is something much bigger than any one person could on their own. From that, an idea was born!


We are inviting everyone to start walking toward a miracle. For Amanda, her current goal is releasing her book, that never should have been written, and believing she will be alive to see it!


You might have your own miracle you’re believing for, or perhaps you are inspired to join together a team with a mission that’s bigger than you, to bring a message of hope that’s greater than anyone one person could share.


We believe in a month we could collectively walk the miles Amanda dreamed to do in a year. Who knows, maybe with enough people, we can walk around the world! Because it isn’t just about a walk.


It’s about the hope we carry that just continues to grow as we give it away. It’s movement with a mission: a mission to believe for more. More days. More steps. More life. More miracles.


What are you walking toward? What miracle story will you tell with your life?


 Join the It’s a Miracle Movement today and together, let’s change with world with hope.    


This isn’t just a normal walk-a-thon, it’s a MOVEMENT that isn’t just about money.. it’s about miracles. It’s about joining and uniting for HOPE. It’s about being able to accomplish so much together than we could ever do by ourselves. It’s about stepping out in faith, walking toward your own miracle story.


April 15th, 2024

7:00am EDT

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Learn more about Amanda at www.AmandaFerrin.com