Welcome to the BFA Bullets Varsity Baseball Fundraising Page!


The BFA Bullets Varsity Baseball team is thrilled to announce our fundraising campaign for our every-other-year trip to the Jackie Robinson Training Complex (JRTC) in Vero Beach, Florida. This will be our first time returning to JRTC since 2019, and we are eager to provide our players with an exceptional opportunity to train at this world-class facility.


In April 2024, our team will embark on a week-long journey to Florida, where we will immerse ourselves in rigorous training, engage in competitive scrimmages, and experience the camaraderie of our fellow teammates and coaches. This trip will not only enhance our players' skills and knowledge but also foster a strong sense of team unity and resilience.


As we embark on this exciting endeavor, we kindly request your generous support to ensure that every player, regardless of financial circumstances, has the opportunity to participate in this transformative experience. Your contributions will help cover travel expenses, accommodation, and training fees.


In addition to your financial support, we encourage you to spread the word about our fundraising efforts and attend our upcoming fundraising events. We are planning an upscale event in February featuring dinner prepared by well-known area chefs and dancing. We are also planning a pinball party in March, a holiday cheese sale, and a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.


Your involvement and generosity will play a pivotal role in making this trip a reality for our dedicated players. We are committed to using your contributions wisely and ensuring that every player maximizes their experience at JRTC.


With your support, we are confident that our team will not only excel on the field but also develop the skills and character necessary to become successful individuals. Our goal is to host and win a home playoff game in 2024, and your contributions will help us achieve this goal.


Thank you for considering our fundraising campaign. Your support is invaluable to our team and will help us create lasting memories for our players.


Together, let's make this trip a success!

Our goal
$17,074.70 of $33,000.00 raised
April 18th, 2024
4:00pm EDT