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Website & Equipment Costs for bruceseesall

Website & Equipment Costs for bruceseesall

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Bruce Swartz
Bruce Swartz
Huntingdon, QC, CA

This page will cover costs for the equipment maintenance and upgrades for my channel and website..  My goal to make an observatory at home to continue keeping my website, videos and astro photography of deep space free for everyone. A lot of time and effort goes into keeping a website up to date. Instead of charging people to come see my website. I am asking instead for any small amount that will help with my website costs and udgrading my equpment like my camera and computer. Programs...e.t.c If you enjoy my research and work and enjoy having videos of space free to watch forever. Please help if you can. Any amount will be appreciated. is my website and I am bruceseesall on Youtube. Thanks everyone. I had to write an amount on this page but again any amount will be appreciated.