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BuildaBetter161 Campaign
Created on February 02, 2017
Richard Marron

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 We need your help!!

 On April 4, 2017 four seats on the Summit Hill 161 School Board will be up for election.  To maintain the progress that we have made over the last four years including the elimination of deficit budgets, school closings, micro-management of education, and management based on personal agendas, we need you to:

  1.  Register to vote and learn the process for casting a write-in vote (Rich Ward and Elizabeth Burghard are write-in candidates).
  2. Spread the word via social media (liking and sharing this page), talking to your friends, allowing a sign to be placed in your yard, or volunteering to assist the campaign.
  3. Consider a financial contribution (
  4. Vote for trusted and proven candidates, Ward, Burghard, Marron, and Faber on April 4th.

 If you have any questions, comments, would be willing to have a sign placed in your yard, or would like help in any other way, please reach-out to us at