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Car for Jesus
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Car for Jesus
Created on February 21, 2017
Robert Barber

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Dream and Vision, a Christian based nonprofit that is trying to raise $12,000 to help Evangelist Joseph Nyomindo in Kenya buy a car for $8000 and use the other $4,000 to supply bulk bibles to the whole country of Kenya!!  Please help! 

Dream and Vision is a nonprofit faith based organization created to offer charitable humanitarian relief to foreign countries like India, Pakistan, Kenya as well as locally within the United States,

To distribute bibles, supplies, clothing’s, water and food to orphan’s and widows to feed and to collaborate with other organization working to offer distress and health aids, Religious to provide worldwide evangelism to countries overseas

To offer educational teaching of the word of faith to build a worship education centers and support mobile media teams to offer various programs, projects, and activities as warrant.