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Children's Bubble Exploratorium

Children's Bubble Exploratorium


Hello. I am Brenda Marie Askew, resident of Baltimore Maryland. Our city has been undergoing change in many ways. Old abandoned buildings, schools and libraries are being torn down and replaced with new development.  Streets are being dug up and new water pipes are being laid. Good news indeed.  But many young parents and their children are struggling to make ends meet with the rising cost of housing and demand for skilled workers. It's difficult to find their place in life with all this change. 

While many stay indoors others venture out for fresh air and take their babies and children to the only entertainment they can afford. Local playgrounds with swing sets and jungle gyms.  

One day my husband, Mark, who is a craftsman by trade, hand crafted three very large colorful bubble wands and made his own recipe for bubble juice. He discovered a way to make enormous bubbles, unlike anything I had ever seen. They were awesome, breathtaking and so beautiful!

For the past 4 years, Mark has eagerly carried his giant bubble wands to parks and playgrounds in the city and entertained whoever was there.  I have been observing him put smiles on the faces of children and adults while drawing people of all races and cultures in the community together,  laughing, hugging and singing as they play.  


Suddenly I got an idea. Purchase and renovate one of the many abandoned buildings and set up a Family Entertainment Network complete with a Bubble Exploratorium filled with fascinating bubble inventions, bubble wand craft projects, providing a playground to test and play with them. We would train community youth in the performance arts to make park and playground visits, perform free bubbles shows and invite families to the Exploratorium.

To make this a reality please help me and Mark meet the cost of the Exploratorium project by contributing whatever you can to the Children's Exploratorium crowdfunding campaign.  Our goal is $299,000. 

For more information about our bubble wands and free playground shows please visit our Youtube channel at

Read my husband's interview at  Thanks for your donation.


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