STEP 1: Consider The Timeline
The time periods mentioned here are for an ideal scenario. You may need to adapt your timeline to the time that you have to plan your reunion.

12-18 months in advance

  • Put out feelers for committee

  • Start a website

  • Visit school: inform them of reunion; obtain class list, yearbooks…

  • Prepare preliminary budget

  • First committee meeting

  • Open bank account

  • Send out 'Save The Date' emails

  • If the date is not fixed, set up an online poll with three options!

  • Collect online Classmate Profiles and pictures (ongoing until event)

  • Missing classmate search (ongoing until event)

  • Post Missing Classmates page on website (and update as you go)

8-12 months in advance

  • Finalize date of event (if possible)

  • Book venue

  • Book caterer, if not provided by venue

  • Determine if there are informal events surrounding the reunion

  • Revise budget

  • Finalize ticket pricing

  • Send broadcast e-mails hyping the reunion (ongoing until event)

  • Invite the non-paying guests (teachers, coaches, etc.)

  • Start early-bird ticket sales and incentive programs

  • Sell or barter ad space on your website

  • Book entertainment

  • Set up memorials page on website

  • If you are hiring a photographer or videographer, get quotes

  • Plan the festivities (awards, games, speakers)

  • Canvass classmates & businesses for giveaways

  • Continue to send broadcast e-mails building hype

  • Plan Memory Book (and solicit ads if you will include them)

4-8 months in advance

  • Telephone classmates who you found but have not yet responded

  • Plan décor, centrepieces, displays, registration kits

  • Sketch a detailed diagram of the room and set-up

  • Order any printed decorations (banner, custom balloons, etc.)

  • Order mementos (keychains, pens, etc.)

  • Collect content for the displays (ongoing until event)

  • Enlarge any photos that will be displayed (class photo, teachers, etc.)

  • Arrange for any on-site sale items (t-shirts, etc.)

  • Turn up the heat for ticket sales

  • Send out invitations by email

1-3 months in advance

  • Assemble slide show

  • Assemble video

  • Arrange supplies for name tags

  • Get volunteers to work the registration desk (if possible)

  • If you plan to have paper tickets, (not recommended) send them

  • Broadcast e-mail reminders

  • Cut-off for final ticket sales (if your venue needs notice for extras)

  • If you plan to have a program booklet, assemble it now

The Final Weeks

  • Prepare guest lists for registration table

  • Give final meal count to caterer

  • Prepare name tags

  • Compile registration kits

  • Prepare signs needed for registration

  • Arrange for a float for the cash box

  • Confirm with all vendors, suppliers, donors, etc.

  • Prepare detailed schedule of the big day

Reunion Day

  • Decorate room, tables, displays

  • Set up registration area

  • Ensure required audiovisual equipment is set-up

  • Review check-in procedure with registration workers

  • Pick up or ensure delivery of registration kits and giveaways

Post Reunion

  • Upload reunion photos to website

  • Send thank-you notes to all donors / sponsors / committee

  • Share your knowledge with other classes from your school

  • Close bank account

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