STEP 5: Create A Website
At this stage, you want to start to create some interest in the reunion. The more content that you can put on the website the better. Classmates who visit the website will see that you are serious about the reunion and will help to spread the word.
You should post a message that tells visitors you are in the early stages of planning the reunion. Invite everyone who visits the website to register on the classmates page and to tell their friends about the website. Encourage people to come back often as there will be many updates in the coming weeks and months.

The 5 Best Things the Website will do for your Reunion

  1. It is a great way to create interest in the reunion and increase attendance.

  2. It is a great way to sell tickets to the reunion.

  3. It allows you to get feedback from classmates about the reunion.

  4. It is the best place for classmates to get reunion updates.

  5. It is a meeting place for alumni.

Top 5 Ideas to Keep Alumni Returning to the Website

  1. Post Guess Who photos. This can be a classmate, teacher, administrator, picture of a building or classroom. It is fun to use current pictures of classmates or teachers for this.

  2. Create a Who’s Coming page so that others can check and see who is planning to attend. We advise that you wait until there is a critical mass of tickets sold (60, for example), before you post this information. The reason for this is that people are less likely to buy tickets if they know that only 12 tickets have been sold so far.

  3. Post old pictures of classmates and teachers on each page. Change them periodically.

  4. Include a last updated date on the home page so people will know when new information has been added.

  5. Include video clips. This can be of reunion committee meetings, clips from the old school, random clips from classmates. It is very easy to add a digital video clip to sites like

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