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Here’s some helpful information to get the most out of this website and connect with your classmates…


About Our Website

This website was initially set up to make it easier for everyone to connect and share information about our 50th Reunion.  We are keeping the website going to make it easier for us to share information about future events and provide news updates about our class, in general.  For questions specifically about the website, please contact Dean Leathers through the website or at


Please Create a Profile

This will help us keep you updated on everything related to our class.  Please go to the Menu, then click on CLASSMATES and Register your Classmate Profile Here.  Your contact information and address ARE NOT PUBLICLY SHARED.  Your information is PRIVATE AND PROTECTED and will only be seen by the committee.  Once you’ve created a profile, other classmates can contact you through our website, without disclosing your actual contact information.  If you would prefer not to create a profile at all, please contact Sandi Orges (Dukes) at 225.247.6728 and provide her with your information so we can keep you updated.


Yearbook Archive

Click here (or, right-click to open in a new window and keep the Reunion website open) to go to the North Royalton high school yearbook online archive to view any yearbook from 1945 to the latest graduating class.


Need help?  Have other questions?

You can contact anyone on the Reunion Committee directly, either through this website (Menu > Contact), or directly by phone if you’d prefer:

Sandi Orges (Dukes) – 225.247.6728

Dean Leathers – 248.914.4353