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If you're planning a family reunion, a reunion website is a must. It's like having your own private social network for your family. A family reunion website creates interest and excitement and promotes better attendance for your reunion. It acts as a communications hub for your family memmbers and includes; videos and photo albums, free and paid registrations and/or rsvp's, sells tickets, accepts donations, lists family members profiles with pics and their general location on a map, custom forms for feedback and surveys, memorials with user entered tributes, updates, and so much more! has created a platform specifically for your family reunion based on our 20 years of reunion experience. We've done all the work for you, and our friendly support staff is available to help if needed. Try it free for 7 days.

To see a complete listing of features included, visit the Family Reunion Features page.

Visitors enter their profiles, upload photos, add memorials and/or tributes and more. Your website almost runs itself. Family members will keep returning to the site to check out the latest updates, photos, who's coming, important event details, and to view the latest family member profiles.

Here are 5 fun ideas that you can use to keep family coming back again and again to check out the website

  1. Post "Guess Who" photos on your homepage or any another page of your site
    These could be older pictures or baby pictures. Turn it into a contest and see who can guess correctly. Add a prize for even more engagement.

  2. Create a Who’s Coming page so that others can check and see who is planning to attend
    We advise that you wait until there is a critical mass of tickets/registrations sold (10, for example), before you post this information. The reason for this is that people are less likely to buy tickets if they know very few tickets have been sold so far.

  3. Include a last updated date on the home page
    So people will know when new information has been added.

  4. Include video clips
    This can be of past reunions, random clips from family, or anything fun. If you're really adventurous try creating your own "teaser" video for the reunion. Give a tour of the venue, preview the food or entertainment. You can even just make a selfie video talking about the upcoming reunion.

  5. Announce the site
    Once you have set up your website send out an email with a link to the site inviting everyone to visit. Whenever you make a new update, post a new video or have made changes, send pout an email letting the family know there's new content for them to see.

Extra Pages

In addition to the array of default pages and features provided, the premium package includes "extra pages" that can be used for almost anything. Here are some ideas:

  • Family Recipes Page
    Many families have their own beloved secret recipes. Create a page where you can list your family favorites. Add a form at the top to allow visitors to submit their suggestions.

  • Flashback Page
    One thing your family will surely enjoy is a trip down memory lane. Create a page full of special moments, memories and milestones to create a sense of nostalgia.

  • Family History Page
    Every family has a history. Create a page where you explore your family history. Immigration, military service, political service in addition to life in general can be very enlightening to many members of your family.

  • Questionnaire
    The custom form tool allows you to create surveys and questionnaires. Find out important information like when and where your family wants the reunion held, or get opinions for themes, food and decor. You can also use this page to collect stories, recipes, etc.

  • RSVP Page
    When you first start planning the reunion, some family members will be reluctant to buy tickets/registrations. The RSVP page is a good way to at least gage if people intend to come to the reunion. This can give you important planning information and give you a list to follow up with as the reunion approaches.

  • Travellers Page
    A very important page that conveys many important details about hotel accommodations, recommended restaurants, things to do and links about the city where the reunion is taking place.

  • Happy Birthday
    Create a page listing family birthdays. Who can resist their own public birthday announcement?

  • What’s New
    Create a page for life events: engagements, marriages, new babies, grandchildren, honors, awards, etc.

  • Reunion Tips
    Include humorous lists on how to behave at the reunion, what not to do, how to mentally prepare. Keep them light and funny.

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