Choosing a Location
After finalizing the type and date, it is then time to chose a location and/or site for your family reunion. Your location choice depends on several factors including:
  • Size of the reunion
  • Type of reunion
  • Time of year
  • Budget
  • Preferences of family members
Ideally, you want to chose a location that is most affordable and accessible to the majority of your invited relatives. If your family all lives in one area, then a nearby location should be chosen. If you family is scattered around the world, then selecting a central location is your best option. You want to make sure that you choose a place where everyone will be comfortable and enjoy spending time with one another.
Once you have selected the location, you then need to decide on the site of your reunion. The possibilities are endless whether it be an old homestead, somewhere close to home or a national park. When deciding on the location and/or site for your family reunion, you should consider:
Before selecting a site you should inquire about:
Here is a list of possible site ideas (some more elaborate than others):

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