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Operation: Feed A Bear

Operation: Feed A Bear

Raised by 11 donors.

The Bunker Hill Class of 2005 is currently accepting donations to help alleviate the school lunch debt accrued throughout the year.

Everyday, 1 in 4 students can't afford to pay for their school lunch. It's beyond sad to think about a child going hungry throughout the school day, not being able to focus, concentrate, or participate due to hunger. Luckily, Bunker Hill allows children who can't afford their lunch to still have a meal. However, unpaid lunches accumulate debt. School meal programs are financially independent of the education budget so Bunker Hill gets stuck with the bill of unpaid lunch debt. 

Unlike the local elementary and middle schools in the area, there are no community partners that help pay for this debt. The school must use money set aside for other projects, like paying for senior's cap and gowns or yearbooks who otherwise couldn't afford it. If the debt gets too out of hand alternative lunches may be implemented. After speaking to the staff and other administrators, most students would rather go hungry than be labeled as the child who can't afford their lunch. 

For.a lot of students, unfortunately, meals provided at school are the only meal they will receive throughout the day. It is our hope to pay off this debt and accumulate enough donations to create a fund to prevent the debt from occuring. We hope you can help us help our youth and faculty. Thanks in advance! 


If you can not make a donation online, make checks payable to Bunker Hill High School and in the "for" write: Operation: Feed A Bear

Mail checks to:

4675 Oxford School Rd Claremont, NC 28610


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