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Let's get Derek back on his feet

Let's get Derek back on his feet

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Megan Iacobini de Fazio
Megan Iacobini de Fazio

Those of us who know Derek know that he is incredibly hard working, bright and honest.

No one deserves being robbed, but this is an especially hard hit for Derek, who has lost everything he needs (and has worked so hard for)  to make a living. 

Raised in Kawempe, a slum in Kampala (Uganda), Derek started volunteering for Tasaaga at only 11 years old, and has been pulling his weight ever since, teaching maths, science and computer literacy, as well as helping to build and paint a school. 

He is the first in his family to graduate in IT from Makerere University, and over the last three years has been earning an income offering IT services to individuals and companies. 

His home doubles up as his workshop, and perhaps this is why it was targeted: the thieves stole not only his posessions, but the laptops he was working on, which he will have to refund his clients for. On top of that Derek has lost his hard disk which contained everything he needed for some upcoming projects. He will have to rebuild, rewrite and code from scratch. 

He won't be able to deliver the work he was supposed to, and doesn't know how he will be able to buy the things that have been stolen.

In his own words: "A huge gap has been left and I think it will take some time to close". 

Let's donate what we can and help him get back to where he was. If anyone deserves is, Derek does. 


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