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A Happiness Maker's Wish

A Happiness Maker's Wish

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"A Happiness Maker's Wish"

Everyone wants to be happy in love. The secret is knowing how. They say love is an ability. Some say there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. Others say love is not how someone makes you feel, but rather, what you're willing to do for others that create a warm loving atmosphere for all to enjoy.  

My name is Mark Askew. I am a happiness maker.  A veteran artist, children's books author, children's playwright and motivational speaker. I've pointed out the way to love for thousands. I'm also a happiness artist and perform at family festivals, zoos, parks and child center events.  A little about my happiness work. As an artist, writer, musician, and craftsman, I've discovered a way to merge all my talents and skills to produce a magical, musical, and motivating family bubble show using over 10 varieties of very large colorful handcrafted bubble wands and my own bubble juice recipe. With these, I make enormous iridescent bubbles, unlike anything most children have ever seen. They say they are awesome, breathtaking and beautiful! When I observe the warm, intimate laughter, ooh's and aah's pouring out of the heart and mouths of bubble gazers I am as captivated by them as they are with my show.  The good vibes and love that results are priceless. It really is something special.

As a senior, I've learned what it means to try to make ends meet on a small budget. In between outreach gigs I've  I have been making repairs on my trusted midsize grey sedan which I have used for the past 4 years to haul my happiness maker show and props to and from performances throughout Maryland. Suddenly a few days ago my car began showing undeniable signs of wear and tear. I'm afraid it will need to be replaced within the next few weeks. I am not in the position to take out a loan or borrow money, so I've decided to turn to supporters of happiness maker's everywhere, for a little kindness...

For the past 4 years, I have eagerly carried my giant bubble wands to parks and playgrounds in the city and entertain whoever is there. In a matter of minutes, my bubble shows have put smiles on the faces of hundreds if not thousands of children and adults while drawing people of all races and cultures together, laughing, talking, and singing while their children happily play.  Nothing fills me with so much joy than to see them all smiling and to hear the sound of happiness fill the air. If we could all just realize that this is what we all were meant for the problems of the world would soon disappear. I'm determined to keep doing things like this for as long as I live and breath. It's the best life ever!

For more information about our happy park, zoo and playground bubble shows please visit my Youtube channel at...

As you can see happiness is my specialty. But I have quite a bit to haul around. I'm worn out at the end of the day but it's all worth it. I sleep with a smile on my face and I'd like to think that be people I connected with that day are doing the same. But alas, the very car that gets me to them is on its last leg. I've done my own repair work when I could at over the past three years spend over $5000 getting repair work done. I've completely depleted my reserves and savings to keep it on the road and will soon have nothing to show for it.

Good news! This year I have more bubble show gigs scheduled!  There is so much good that will be done. But I desperately need a dependable car to keep this good thing going.  My wish is for a presentable SUV in good condition with enough room to carry my bubble wand crafts to te parks, zoos and family festivals, and as far as that vehicle will take me. I believe $12,000 would be enough to put me in a presentable vehicle but $6000 would certainly be a good start. That is my wish.

My experience has been that when you practice giving others give back to you in ways unimagined so I'm confident in the future.  Everyone wants to be happy. The secret is knowing how. Some say love is how someone makes you feel. I say love is what you do for others and then those warm and secure feelings of love will follow.  Putting smiles on the faces and love in the hearts of thousands is what life, happiness and love are all about! Thanks for reading. But most of all, thank you so much for helping.

Mark Angelo Askew, the happiness maker, is the author of the books "The Art of Bubble Blowing" and "The Adventures of Chester Peabody In Muraland"... see Get these titles free when you donate $100 or more.