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Light the Dojang
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Light the Dojang
Created on February 25, 2017
Andrea Wood

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We have had the pleasure of teaching taekwondo in this location for 12 great years. People have come and gone and come back again, and each year we are thankful that we are able to continue doing what we love.

Those of you who have been with us quite a few of those years will remember that when we first opened, we had a solid metal door downstairs and another solid one upstairs; the stairs were somewhat iffy; and the AC/heat sometimes didn’t work. Over the years, with our TKD family’s support, we have been able to make small improvements, like installing more welcoming glass doors, fixing the stairs, and with the help of the Muslim community who uses the dojang for daily prayer, install a brand-new AC/Heater.

Our next project is another one decided on by necessity. If you happened to take class any day between Monday and Thursday this week, you will have noticed how remarkably dark it was. Not only did many of the bulbs go out, but the fixtures are no longer working and need to be replaced, so we are reaching out to our TKD family, community and beyond to help us.

This project involves rewiring and replacing ALL our existing lights with new, more efficient, LED lights which will create a brighter atmosphere and improve the energy of the space.  Also in the plan is new flooring for the observation area and a new paint job. We are still in the process of getting quotes for all the work to be done but estimate we will need around $20,000 for the entire plan.

So please, donate, share, pass the word, and help us “Light the Dojang”!


Thank you!

Con Ed to contribute 50% of lighting upgrade
2 weeks ago

A couple of weeks ago we received a letter in the mail from Con Edison providing information about their energy incentive program by upgrading existing lights to LEDs where they contribute up to 70% if you use one of their approved contractors. Talk about perfect timing!

We made the call and just today signed off on the agreement for the work to be done. Con Edison will be paying 50% of the cost for upgrading our lights and the work will be done within 4-6 weeks.

We are now at 42% of our goal!

We have also received a most generous offer for the flooring and painting.  We are still working out the details but as of now we estimate this will put us at 90% of our goal! Have we mentioned how wonderful you all are?

So let's go for that last 10%...