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Todd needs help
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Todd needs help
Created on January 02, 2017
Rebecca Ambesh

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This is actually a loong story... but I will try and make it brief, and if someone wants the longer version I am sure Todd (depending on how he is feeling, sometimes he is simply too weak) or I would be happy to oblige.

Todd needs financial help.  

Todd has cirrhosis of the liver and unfortunately he is in a bad place with it. This has been advancing over the past years, however, it is in a place now where he is unable to work.  His health is debilitating.

He is currently in California in Hermosa Beach living in his deceased Dad's mobile home.  He has received MediCal but has not yet received and social benefits, although he applied in July and does have rights after working for 30 years.

The challenge at the moment is that he has NO income, I have been supporting him for a while now, but cannot anymore, due to a downturn in my language school business in Switzerland.  I am also not able to be with him, as if I leave it would mean zero income, as my school is not set up to be able to afford a replacement for me.

Todd's expenses are :  

Rent (which we have not paid in over 3 months)  $1,000 a month
bills, electric, phone, etc. about $400
Food:  about $600 (or less, he isn't eating much)
Uber taxi $400 - $600
He has a motorcycle that he would like to sell, but it needs about $700 worth of repairs before he can sell it.
He is unfit to ride it.

He would like to buy a  car, so that he could drive part - time for UBER. 

Any contribution towards these expenses would be truly appreciated.

He does have rights to Social and we have been hoping to hear and see the check... but so far it hasn't come.

I am maxed out on my credit cards for the first time in my life, and am not in a good place with the business here.  

This has been a crazy journey, the positive part of this is we truly love each other deeply and widely and have both learned so much from this love, respect, and gratitude.

Todd is not one to ask for anything.  He is proud and has been a hard worker and risk taker.  He has been mostly positive.  I personally don't know how he does it.  Not being able to do stuff is so frustrating to him and he spends hours and hours alone in the mobile home, as unfortunately, he doesn't know people there and isn't in a great state to meet new friends.  

Physically he is kind of scary.  He has lost all his muscle and has a huge extended belly, that has been needing to get drained every few weeks. There are so many bizarre and uncomfortable situations that happen due to this illness, some truly frightening.   

If you could pitch in there would be MUCH gratitude and tears.


And if not, believe me, only gratitude as well. 


UPDATE:  January 12, 2017.  Todd is in hospital.  He is being transfered to UCLA Medical, a research/student hospital.  He may need/get a liver transplant.  I am unsure of the details at this moment.


January 30th:  Todd is still in Hospital.  He has just undergone TIPS, which is, from what I understand a liver bypass operation. He is recovering.

February 12th - Todd got the TIPS procedure.  He IS feeling better.  Sounding better too, I may say.  However, he is back in

However, he is back in hospital as I write this.  His stomach is filling up again, which is not supposed to happen.  I am waiting for news.

I will be going to LA from March 6th to 27th.  

Thanks to this campaign Todd has $2,300.  Which has calmed him knowing he can buy food, pay for the phone etc. and also that it didn't come from me, was good for him too.  THANK YOU!

This money really stands for something different.  It really means that somebody cares and is generous.  I think a message that when focused on is healing.  And good.

That being said, the "harder to heal with" drama hasn't finished. 

One month ago Todd had taken on a roommate, Danny.  

Their agreement was Danny was to help out by paying $400 a month, which doesn't even cover half the rent, but for Todd felt like it would "help" and that they both were benefiting from the arrangement.  

Instead, when Todd got back from hospital, On Feb 7,  he found the place in a total mess.  And began noticing things missing.  Turns out this  "nice" guy, stole whatever he could.  Including our "wedding" rings.  Todd asked me to marry him last year and had designed some rings.  Todd has not heard or seen him since.  He has filed a report with the police. The upset, hurt, betrayal compounded with the cleaning, physical side... was ... huge.

Then the family drama -  

Todd's mother and brother visited Todd at the hospital.  Todd had no clue they were coming.  Me neither.  Irma, his mother, told Todd she would pay for the behind rent and the repair of the motorcycle.  She did not speak to me, regarding any of this.


She had the motorcycle brought to the shop.  Needs $700 of repairs.

Nothing has been paid.  Not the behind rent.  Not the repairs for the motorcycle (which obviously remains in the shop).


Todd has had a few days out of the hospital.  A few days of feeling OK. 

He went to the Social Security Office.  They told him another 3 to 4 months, before he can expect any benefits.  


He also had health insurance changes that are now affecting what of the medications are covered.  Insulin is no longer covered?  Which is about $200 a month, that he is supposed to pay now...

So don't want to leave you without hope!  Because we aren't.  Despite ALL. Craziness aside.  Todd is battling all sorts of stuff, more than any of us would EVER want to deal with.  I am learning and opening my business up and coming up with new ideas and ways, as my motivation to get this business earning at a new level is well, needed.

Meanwhile, the spiritual side for both of us is cracking open. As when you can't see any "logical" way out, then well, I guess you become ripe for spiritual.  AND even SMALL acts of KINDNESS are HUGE!  Todd told me on Skype yesterday, that he is by far much sweeter than he has EVER been.


Fear.  Money. Relationship. Distance.  All thrown in the mix.

And new levels of love.