I love dogs and help as many as I can survive on the streets of Lebanon, a country where animals are constantly dumped, abused, tortured and killed in the most horrible of ways. I feed them, treat them for ticks and fleas, vaccinate them and try to find them homes, in Lebanon or abroad.

I don't have a shelter, so I do it all on site which makes it even more stressful as it is a constant race against time, evil humans, diseases, possible accidents, weather, etc. 

I currently have:
- 11 dogs I feed 3 times a week in one area, 2 are vaccinated (first vaccine) and 5 are treated for ticks and fleas. They were more but sometimes, some disappear, some die when you're not around and some get into accidents. You cry, grieve, vow to never forget them but have to keep going for the sake of the rest.  
- 4 dogs in boarding facilities as leaving them on the streets was too dangerous in their cases. All are vaccinated. 2 out of 4 are spayed/neutered so far.

I so far have managed to get one dog adopted to a home in Canada, 2 more to homes in Lebanon.

The load is getting too heavy when doing it all on my dime hence deciding to ask for help funding the different endeavors to have them in a safe place as soon as possible and like in this case, deal with emergencies which I did not account for.



This baby girl is one of the dogs I feed in the same area. I had named her Currie. I found out during my last check on them on Thursday that she can't walk. After X-rays, Dr. Nidal Hassan (the vet at Vittalia) believes she either got cornered and beaten on both sides of her thighs or she jumped from a high place (probably while running away). 

Her femurs are broken on both sides. She needs 2 surgeries with a month apart between them. They fix the first side then she rests for a month then they fix the second side. For now, she is on pain and anti-inflammatory medication at the vet but we need to urgently raise funds for the surgeries. The vet will not operate before we raise at least half the amount. Donations are desperately needed to give Currie a chance to walk again. 

The details of the vet: Dr. Nidal Hassan, Vitallia Animal Hospital, Jamhour main highway, +9615768853, +9613363591,,

The charges are for now:

2 surgeries at USD 600 + Xray, boarding at the clinic before and right after surgeries and medication USD 100 + medical boarding for 2 months at least with food: USD 400 (200 each month).

For this case, I am totally relying on donations as I exhausted every dollar I have on all my commitments to all the other dogs I care for on the streets. 

I will have an instagram account for the dogs I help and rescue but in the meantime, you can have a look at

Thank you for your support.

Anne Marie Doumet

Dog rescuer - Lebanon

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