Kirk, Bri and Ira need our help

Kirk, Bri and Ira need our help

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Kirk and his family have hit a bad spell, and we've all had this happen to us and our families, friends and loved ones. They need our help. As you know, Kirk is a professional musician and until you make it - it's a hard way. Kirk's music is impressive, original and beautiful. Bri, his lovely wife, and a friend are a great and I know she is doing a great job as a mom. Bri has been unwell lately and unable to work; some of us know what that is like when you want to help but aren't well enough to do so. They have fallen behind financially, and there is now some urgency regarding the security of their home. Bri and Kirk have a beautiful little boy, Ira; I have not met him in person yet, but I know he must be a lovely little boy. They need our help.

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