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Help Tommy Walk Again

Help Tommy Walk Again

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Joe Fierro Jr
Joe Fierro Jr

Animal Control was called by a witness who found this tiny puppy stuffed in a duffel bag on a college campus, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Tommy is paralyzed due to blunt force spinal trauma. Tommy needs your help right now because as every minute goes by the chances of him ever walking again diminishes. Rescuers have rushed him to the emergency center to see what other internal damages he may have.

He can't control his bladder and he is very confused as to why someone would do this to him and why he can no longer walk and play as an innocent puppy should. Spinal traumas are one of the most risky pulls for rescues due to the fact that they usually require A. A specialty emergency center B. A neurologist C. would need an MRI asap to determine the integrity of his spine. An estimate for his care is well over $5,000 AND THAT's just the beginning (not including if he is a candidate for surgery or months of Physical Therapy).

Most small rescues will not touch a spinal trauma case but we need you to help Second Chance Rescue NYC take that risk for Tommy and pull him from the shelter to give him his life altering care that this baby deserves. Every minute that passes he will lose pain sensation and his nerves will no longer respond. If you believe this puppy deserves the opportunity to walk again just like we do, please help support SCR NYC! I know with your help this baby can survive the horrible abuse that his abuser has inflicted on him.

UPDATE: I have an important message from SCR that we wanted to share with you. "When we put up Tommy The Baby Pitbull’s plea yesterday, our followers rallied like nothing I have ever seen before to help us get him out of the shelter, we are just the vessel that the dogs speak through. They have no voice, WE are their voice and I am most certainly comfortable with the decisions we all made to get him out of there fast. Every day almost 2,700 pitbulls are put down in kill shelters, we were not about to let Tommy become another statistic just because he was paralyzed….he didn’t ask for the cruelly at the hands of a human and we had a responsibility and opportunity to change that."


TOMMY has deep pain sensation in his extremities. He was seen be a panel of experts and had several diagnostics, the conclusion so far is that they are hopeful he will be able to walk again with hardcore physical therapy/water therapy for several months. Tommy will have to put a lot of work in and so will SCR NYC, it will be an honor to be with him in this journey and we hope you will all be a part of it as well.

This is where we are asking for your help! We have partnered with SCR NYC to create the animal saving shirts, sweaters and accessories to raise the funds needed to save tiny Tommy. It is unimaginable to think what they hit Tommy with to break his back. But, we are here to save his life. Purchase your animal saving tee today and help us save Tommy.