Expenses for Bunny & Hillsboro Agriculture Program

Expenses for Bunny & Hillsboro Agriculture Program

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Stephanie Gillespie
Hillsboro, MO, US

Hillsboro Agriculture Program is proud to introduce you to our sweet baby!

Bunny surprised everyone at Bridle Ridge Acres on the Hillsboro R-3 Campus on Easter Sunday, April 12. Rosebud, one of our mini-horses, had a brand new foal snuggled with her! The new baby has been named Bunny, The first 48 hours of Bunny's life were great; her mom Rosebud was very attentive to her. Unfortunately, after an emergency vet visit, we found out that Rosie had developed mastitis and would no longer nurse Bunny.

We worked around the clock--including overnights at the farm--to try to reunite mom and baby, but by Friday it was clear that Bunny would have to be removed for her own safety.

Rosie is doing great now, and Sheldon (our mini-gelding) is happy to be reunited with her.

Bunny has taken to her formula and weighs in at a whopping 28 pounds!

Bunny is a joyful addition to the farm during these difficult times, and she gives all of us hope for the future! Watching and tracking her growth will be an important lesson for all students in the district, and we can't wait to introduce her to the Hillsboro community in a few months. We'll continue to post photos and videos here as she grows!

Since the agriculture program is brand new, we have limited funds at this time to pay for vet bills for Sheldon, Rosebud, and Bunny. Your donation will help pay for the medical care they have already received, as well as their future needs--and Bunny's baby formula!

We appreciate any donation you can give, no matter the amount. You can use our site here to make a donation, or you can mail a check to this address:

Hillsboro Agriculture Program, c/o Jessika Jacaty, #5 Ridgewood Drive, Hillsboro, MO 63050.

Please email us if you mail a check so that we direct it to the correct account at Central Office:  jacaty_jessika@hsdr3.org.