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Hope for the Families of Chicago

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In 2016, the statistics for shootings in Chicago were startling: 

  • 4,331 people were shot
  • 762 were murdered

On average, there were 63 shootings per month, 11 per day. When one person is shot, the number of people impacted is infinite. Victims' families are affected as the result of loss or injury of a loved one, unexpected financial expenses, and mental breakdown in dealing with the incident. While members of the community are succumbed to the emotions of anger and fear of yet another violent episode in the place they call home. 

Hope for the  Families Foundation - Chicago wants to give hope and inspiration to the people of Chicago through financial assistance for out of pocket expenses related to gun violence, funding for local organizations with similar mission, and referrals for social services that will empower the individual, family, and community.